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Argon tooth synchronous wheel structure features machine application.

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The circular-arc toothed synchronous belt wheel has a circular arc shape because of its toothed shape, and this circular-arc tooth synchronous belt wheel is different from other trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt pulleys and T-teeth synchronous belt pulleys. The characteristics of the square teeth, this arc tooth synchronous pulley can meet the special high-power transmission when running. Moreover, the transmission power of the arc tooth synchronous belt pulley is about 3 to 5 times larger than that of the trapezoidal tooth timing belt pulley and the T-shaped gear pulley.


Characteristics of Arc Belt Synchronized Belt Drive

1、Because the transmission of the circular-arc synchronous pulley is an engaged transmission, it can be applied to the helical gear, and cannot be used in the spur gear for transmission.

2、The circular-arc synchronous pulley has a much larger radius of curvature than the involute, and the contact strength of the arc-shaped synchronous belt is also much higher than the involute.

3、ARC tooth timing pulleys are very sensitive to changes in the center distance, and the sensitivity is much larger than the involute. Therefore, when the circular-arc tooth synchronous belt pulley is being processed, the requirement for the tooth depth of the arc tooth synchronous belt wheel is particularly large, radial cutting and cutting are not allowed, and strict control may be required during assembly. The error occurred.    

Application of ARC toothed pulley

Arc tooth synchronous pulleys are available in the machine tool industry, printing industry, textile industry, food packaging industry, communications wire and cable industry, precision instrumentation equipment industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry, tobacco manufacturing industry, medical equipment industry and office equipment. The use of these arc tooth synchronous pulleys.

From the above it can be seen that the circular-arc tooth synchronous belt pulley is widely used in the new type of mechanical synchronous belt pulley drive, and the evaluation given is relatively high.


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