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How to measure the synchronization wheel

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How to measure the synchronous wheel, when measuring the synchronous wheel, we need to use a dividing ruler to measure the synchronous wheel. The main measurement data of the synchronous wheel has the pitch of the synchronous wheel, outer diameter, inner diameter, diameter of the pitch circle and synchronization. The circumference of the wheel and so on.


What is the tolerance of synchronous wheels?

Synchronous wheel refers to the tolerance actually refers to the size of the tolerance, refers to the maximum limit size in the scope of the synchronization wheel minus the minimum limit size obtained after the difference, and this difference is the size of the absolute value, It may also be the size of the difference obtained by the upper deviation allowed by the synchronous wheel minus the lower deviation.

The tolerance of the synchronous wheel that we often require is the permissible variation in the size of the V-ribbed belt during cutting. With the same basic size of the synchronous wheel, the smaller the tolerance produced during production, the higher the accuracy of the synchronous wheel.


Synchronous wheel failure solution

1、If the proportion of medium in the drive system of the synchronous wheel is greater than the motor configuration in the drive system of the synchronous wheel, we can choose to replace the motor that can be used for the synchronous wheel.

2、When the gears of the synchronous wheel drive system are too tight or the spring of the mechanical seal is over-tightened, it is possible to perform the spring compression of the gland or the mechanical seal inside the drive system of the synchronous wheel. Manual adjustment.

3、If the assembly quality of the pump in the drive system of the synchronous wheel is not good or there is friction, or if the motor and the pump shaft in the drive system of the synchronous wheel are not concentric, we can check the matching of the drive system of the synchronous wheel. The quality and then clear the synchronous wheel inside the drive system equipped with the above fault.

4、When the synchronous wheel in the drive system of the synchronous wheel or the synchronous wheel and the shaft link have problems, the gap in the drive in the drive system of the synchronous wheel needs to be removed.


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