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How to calculate the unit price of the synchronous wheel

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Some people may want to know how to calculate the unit price of the synchronization wheel when they purchase the synchronization wheel. In fact, the unit price of the synchronization wheel is related to the manufacturer and the material of the synchronization wheel itself. Synchronous wheels of different materials have different unit prices.


Synchronous wheel drive features

Synchronous wheel transmission has the accuracy of the transmission ratio, the surface will not slip when working, and the obtained transmission speed is relatively constant.

Synchronous wheels run more smoothly, with the ability to absorb vibration, the noise emitted is relatively small, the transmission range is relatively large can reach 1:10, the line speed can reach 50m/s, the transmitted power can reach several hundred kilowatts from several watts Between the transmission range is relatively large.

Synchronous wheel transmission efficiency is relatively high, under normal circumstances can reach 0.98.

Synchronous wheel usage

1、Synchronous wheel life and tooth profile accuracy have a significant influence on the timing belt drive. If it exceeds the service life, the shape of the tooth profile changes, and the toothed teeth and the pulley teeth cannot be properly meshed. This will cause the synchronous toothed belt to fail in a short period of time.

2、Synchronous wheel material, tooth surface hardness and other important impact on the transmission quality. The most common form of failure for belt pulleys is tooth surface wear and pitting, so the pulley tooth surface should have sufficient wear resistance and contact strength.

3、When the speed of the synchronous wheel is greater than the limit speed, dynamic balance must be performed. When it is less than the limit speed, only static balance is required. After balance detection, the residual unbalance of the pulley should not exceed the allowable value.

4、When the installation of the synchronous wheel is skewed, the belt side is pressed against the reel, causing the wear of the belt side to increase. Therefore, the parallelism of the pulley axis must be taken into account during installation so that the drive center plane of each pulley is in the same plane.


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